AFK – Away From Keyboard

A tangible interface

An experimentation into materials and interactivity, AFK is a modular system of physical controllers to have a tangible interaction with software.

The project

This was a very explorative process into how one can use tangible controllers to use with video editing software. We did rapid prototyping by making mockups in lego to test different forms of interactions as well as doing research into specialist equipment for video editing at NRK.

The result

The idea was to make a modular set of controllers that could be used to operate any form of software. We used it together with Adobe Premiere, but it could be used with any software that uses hotkeys to access various functionality in the program. We decided to make it using various materials like wood, metal and silicone to explore further the tactile sensations as well as different interactions such as sliders, push-buttons, sensors and knobs to experiment around which forms of interactions felt natural while using different types of tools in the software.


Project done at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design in collaboration with Niklas Schmidt


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