Lego Castle – army of the dead

A tangible interactive gameplay

With this project I wanted to explore the possibilities of creating a sense of magic by using thermochromatic paint. In a time when we rely more and more on digital surfaces it is interesting to try to bring back interactions to the physical world and giving it the tangibility that lacks on screens.

The project

It was a very explorative process into how it would be possible to use thermochromatic paint to add another dimension to the gameplay and heighten the experience of playing with the LEGO minifigure.

The result

By using the special cold sword the knights can wound each other. When wounded
the skeleton underneath will be revealed where the figure was “cut”. If one of the knights gets hurt the player then has the choice either to heal the knight by placing it in the warmth of her hand or to expose the figure to more cold thus revealing a zombie knight underneath and thus changing the gameplay entirely.


The project was done at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design in collaboration with LEGO


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