Mybring Design System

A design/development/communication tool

When working on building digital solutions both designers and developers need to work together to create something that has both the desired usability and technical feasibility. The UI is usually where design and development meet and a design system can make it easier to speak a common language and have shared tools in creating a solid user experience.

The process

I believe that the people best suited to create this type of tool are the ones that are going to use it. While venting to a colleague of mine (a frontend developer) about the difficulty of using sketches and handovers as a way of working together we decided to start building a design system. A design system can either be large, functioning components or smaller building blocks, as described by the illustration of a complete chair or its components. The strategy going forward was that we would only build small and flexible components as we needed them when developing new applications in Mybring (Mybring is a series of applications used to book logistics online.) She, being the developer, has built most of the system, whereas I, by being involved and using it in my work has learned both frontend development but also the incredible advantage both in terms of usability, quality and effectiveness it brings when designers and developers build solutions together.


Read more about the background and the philosophy of the design system in this blog post

Link to the design system


The design system is the work of Elisabeth Irgens, I was happy to be along for the ride learning frontend development in the process

mybring design system

Screenshot of the design system

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