Moving digital friendship into the physical wolrd

Peap is based on social media and geotags to make you meet people in person. It is inspired by the days when you had to go knock on your friend’s door to hang out, the feeling of not knowing and hoping for a spontaneous encounter. Today it often occurs that someone you know might be closer than you think and up for a cup of coffee, but you just don’t know that you’re near. Peap challenges the meaning of friends in social media and facilitates casual encounters with real friends by giving you a tactile signal through a ring when one of them are near. Which of your friends and who you are is kept a secret until you actually meet.


The end result was a physical mockup of the ring alongside a video demonstrating how the product would work


Project done at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design in collaboration with Mona Kleven Lauritzen and Hanne Nilsen

peap illu r portfolio

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